Ninfea Panoramic SPA

Ninfea Panoramic SPA An oasis of relax!

The latest addition to the Hotel del Lago, the Ninfea Panoramic Spa!

From the relaxation room, the sauna and the Turkish bath, you can admire the beauty of the Piediluco lake, the Apennine mountains and the small village of Labro.

But also the sun and full moon nights…all the elements of nature enclosed in a panorama that excites, enters the soul, and purifies mind and body.

Our offer

Inside the spa you will find emotional showers, Turkish bath, sauna, ice fountain, Jacuzzi.

Bike Tour

Upon entry you will be given the kit to access the spa which includes: bathrobe, towel, slippers and water.

An Amazonian legend tells that a girl was so fascinated by the moon that she wished she was a star, to be able to caress it. The girl prayed day and night to the spirits to be able to transform herself into a star, but her wish did not come true. Thus, one evening the young woman took possession of a canoe and used it to reach the point of the swamp where the moon was reflected to be able to touch it; unfortunately the girl leaned too far from the canoe, fell into the water and drowned. It was only then that the Gods transformed her into a star-shaped flower that could float in the marshes on nights when the moon shone in the sky.

A particular practice that combines chromotherapy and aromatherapy combined with a jet of water.

In this way it is possible to obtain, in addition to an improvement in physical well-being, that of mind and psyche.

Emotional showers

It is a treatment that takes place in a closed environment where the relative humidity is very high (from 90 to 100%). The internal temperature varies from 40 to 60°C and increases proceeding from the bottom to the top. The Turkish bath has various beneficial effects: it promotes circulation and deep cleansing and purification of the skin. It also has a toning and relaxing effect, helping to reduce stress.

Turkish bath

The sauna takes place inside a wooden box where some resistances or burners bring the temperature between 80 and 100 degrees centigrade.

The air contained inside the box is warm and dry and contains a very low percentage of humidity (10-20%).

The sauna promotes circulation and deep cleansing and purification of the skin. It also has a toning and relaxing effect, helping to reduce stress.


A tank that collects finely chopped flakes of ice.

Exposure to a cooler temperature, after sessions in the sauna or Turkish bath, will give you a pleasant sensation of well-being and immediate refreshment.

Ice fountain

The whirlpool is a source of both physical and spiritual well-being.

The tub water jets, which can be adjusted according to the desired effects, simulate the fingers of a hand massaging the body.

Oriented from the bottom up, for example, they improve blood circulation and the lymphatic system, reducing the stagnation of liquids.


In our SPA, ergonomic beds and nests cannot be missing, to be able to enjoy indescribable moments of relaxation and observe the magnificent panorama that surrounds us.

Nests and cots

Next to the SPA there is a room with equipment, to stay in shape even on vacation!

Gym with equipment

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