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Skin&co was founded in a small village in Umbria in 2015 with the aim of creating natural, ethical, all safe and effective beauty formulas created with botanical and sustainable ingredients. The company creates modern artisanal products with rich, universal textures that are GMO-free, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free (and without over 2000+ synthetic ingredients) and with high concentrations of high-performance ingredients of botanical origin or 99% natural and certified; clinically tested products that offer visible results for a simple, balanced and healthy beauty routine.

Our offer

La Ninfea Spa uses the Umbrian Truffle Therapy line for all its treatments.

The Umbrian winter truffle, among its many properties, is rich in a powerful natural antioxidant enzyme that helps fight the free radicals that are mainly responsible for skin ageing.

Our products are also enriched with numerous substances and active ingredients mainly from Italian cultivations.

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The couple’s massage is performed using gentle movements to relax the muscles and mind.

The oil used for the massage will not only thoroughly nourish the skin, but will also leave a gentle note to prolong psychophysical relaxation.

Couple massage

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The massage is performed over the entire body, and works by improving circulation and relaxing the muscles.

Thanks to the Umbrian Truffle line, you will be catapulted into Umbrian tradition.

Truffle oil will indeed give you an all-round experience, which you will be able to experience both at a tactile level on your skin, and olfactory level, through the different characteristic notes of the oil used.

Total body

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The relaxing massage, through enveloping and deep movements, gives well-being by reducing stress and fatigue.

It promotes the elimination of toxins as well as easing muscle tension, creating an escape from the hectic pace of everyday life.

Body relaxation

With the decontracting massage, muscle pain is relieved by deep and energetic movements.

It can be chosen as a pre- or post-training treatment or after any activity involving muscle overload.

Its purpose is to increase the oxygen supply to the muscles, speeding up recovery time.

Decontracting massage

This type of massage acts directly on the nervous system.

In addition to being a good ally in alleviating hair loss and relieving tension on the head and scalp, it acts on a psychological level by giving a pleasant feeling of psychophysical well-being.

Head massage

Taking care of our feet means taking care of our body.

Massage improves the foot’s structure and circulation, giving an immediate effect of well-being and lightness.

It can be chosen after an intense day discovering the Marmore Falls, after a demanding trek or to relieve the feeling of tiredness and swelling.

Foot massage

Other Massages

Face/neck/head massage

It is a true pampering with an immediate effect.

The use of Truffle therapy products, rich in antioxidants, gives the skin great radiance and elasticity.

The manual movements performed have a twofold purpose: to relieve muscle tension in the face, neck and trapezium, areas that we often tend to overload during the day, and to bring lightness and psychophysical wellbeing, as the head is rich in sensory receptors.

Draining body massage

The draining massage is excellent to counter excess fluid retention, improves the lymphatic circulation and reflexively the superficial venous circulation, making it very useful to improve imperfections such as cellulite. By means of targeted manual movements, the massage helps the toxins to flow away, resulting in an immediate feeling of lightness.

Body scrub

In the beginning, it was the peoples of the Middle East, with the hammam ritual, who introduced the ‘concept’ of the scrub into the beauty routine, understood at the time as a moment of purification associated, for example, with the Turkish bath.

The scrub is performed with salts from the dead sea; it is a light, micro-abrasion that removes corneous lamellae (dead cells) activating cell turnover and stimulating circulation.

This treatment not only accelerates cell turnover but also gives the skin elasticity, radiance and a high degree of softness.
The skin will be much more receptive, which is why the Umbrian Truffle Body Lotion applied at the end of the treatment, or any other product you wish to apply afterwards, will be absorbed very easily and with it the active ingredients contained.

Facial Truffle Therapy

The regenerating facial treatment is performed using Umbrian Truffle products, which are rich in antioxidants that block free radicals, the main culprits of skin ageing.

It is a true beauty ritual that should be continued daily, even if only with the use of a cleanser and tonic, to eliminate from the face all the harmful substances that are deposited between the skin pores during the day.

The end result of the treatment will be an oxygenated, soft and radiant skin enriched with nutrients that are important for the well-being of our face.

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